Volkswagen ID Buzz: The “flower-power” Microbus is back and it’s electric

Two decades of work, concept cars, teasing, testing, and waiting. But it was all worth it – Volkswagen finally unveiled in Paris the revival of the “flower-power” Microbus. And it’s electric! ID. Buzz Looks super cool, a proper remake of the legendary Microbus.

For now, there were will be two standard-wheelbase models – the Cargo workhorse and passenger, with a future longer wheelbase for the United States arriving in 2024. On the other hand, Top Gear says ID Buzz “is just the beginning” and it’s going to be a “brand in itself” with 5-6 different models, like the multiple versions of VW Golf, for example.

Few technical details: the new VW Microbus uses the same MEB platform as ID.3, ID.4, or Audi Q4 e-tron. OG ID – the 77 kWh standard-wheelbase model will develop the equivalent of 200hp while offering between 350-400 km of range.

Next year will be available Buzz Pure, an entry-level version featuring a smaller battery and a starting price of 50.000 Euro. Thanks to a longer wheelbase it will be able to offer more than five chairs, plus more options for the van’s seating plan.