unklar [episode 10.1] marks the season finale and 2022 musical beginnings

Sometime during February 2021, a friend was just leaving my apartment and I was again looking for something fresh to listen to. Full lockdown and everything was frozen, including SoundCloud. Nothing new to hear and hope to feel alive. As you guessed, this is the moment I decided to do something new – my mixtapes. If there’s nothing out there, I will just create my mixes to listen to…

Had licensed software from Peter, all I needed to do was to find some nice tracks, hit play, and learn how to. It was the moment when unklar mixtape series came to life. It’s still in an infant stage, considering my rudimentary skills, and also constantly evolving. As you’ll find out by hitting play. The unklar season finale is marked by episodes number 10 + 10.1 -> unklar mixtapes will continue in 2022 with a second season.

Enjoy, that’s why it exists:

Artwork: Florin Tulbure