Dream Baby Dream presents its first compilation: “VA VOLUME ONE”

Berlin takes pride in offering a significant number of interesting bars. Dream Baby Dream is one of the youngest in the city, but in a short time, it managed to reach a high level of popularity. Some of Berlin’s most avant-garde artists are frequently there with their friends. Not only to enjoy the cocktails bearing their names but also to curate party nights.

Dream Baby Dream is now presenting a compilation featuring 23 tracks by the same artists who love the bar and want to keep it alive. “VA VOLUME ONE” is a fundraiser meant to help Dream Baby Dream make it through the pandemic.

Phase Fatale + Unhuman (Manos Simotas), Peter Kirn, Adam X, Clarissa, OPERANT, SARIN, and 3.14 Featuring In Atlas are some of the artists who produced music for Dream Baby Dream`s first compilation. Some of the tracks I enjoyed: Refactor (Instrumental) – Primary, Isolate – Front 313, and Force – Zachery Allan Starkey ft. Bernard Sumner (Short edit).

Bandcamp: Dream Baby Dream Volume One, VA Part I by Various Artists

“Before the pandemic, you could play a techno set anywhere in Berlin. But what if you wanted to play a shoegaze/postpunk set? Or an old-school, non-mixed industrial set? Not only is Dream Baby Dream a great space filled with all us expats and misfits, but it is also a needed venue for a diversity of musical (and visual) expression, and it’s very important that it survives this current situation. I was glad to help, and would Again”, said Alan Oldham (Front 313).

“Every scene needs to have a home spot, a central spot for like-minded artists with resonating tastes and visions. A place where they can kick back, have a drink, see a friendly face, and make a toast with their favorite libation. Last but not least, it needs to be an atmosphere that not only feels like home but sounds like home. Dream Baby Dream meets all of that and more. Andrew Jigalin has truly created a place that’s magical. The space, the art, the vintage-like DJ booth… it’s all really quite perfect. It’s not a club, it’s a bar, a local watering hole that attracts those of us who prefer darker atmospheres, dark lighting, and libations that are literally made with passion”, stated MÆDON.

Artwork by August Skipper