Genesis X Concept, an electric grand tourer sent from the future

Electric cars are currently riding a big wave of popularity, with every respectable manufacturer producing at least one model. There`s only one problem – the design of most electric cars is still dull. Well, not anymore, because Hyundai just presented Genesis X Concept, an electric grand tourer which looks just astonishing.

Genesis X “embodies the design language (“Two Lines”) of future Genesis EV models”, explained SangYup Lee, head of design at Hyundai.

According to, he also said that “the signature Two Lines theme and sustainable luxury will be blueprints for the futuristic designs and state-of-the-art technologies that Genesis seeks to adopt in its future models”.

There are no infos about the technical capabilities of Genesis X Concept. The only things available for now are stunning images of this “high performance” electric grand tourer, and the hope that it will make it into production (the way it looks now). One can only dream.