Arent Volten creates a sophisticated audiovisual show at Remote Chaos Experience

Arent Volten is already a familiar appearance on The electronic music project has its roots in Mexico City, with Luca Ortega as its creator. This time, the audiovisual journey by Arent Volten executed a direct virtual landing at the 2020 edition of @ rC3 The Remote Chaos Experience Festival.

Arent Volten`s live electronic journey was accompanied by the exquisite and super-inspired visuals of El Jardin de las Delicias.

The musical expedition starts slowly, sound by sound, until suddenly, without notice, the listener will find himself floating in a melodic explosion of notes and beats. Everything starts to make sense then, and nothing else matters.

Luca Ortega, the man behind Arent Volten project, is known for his experimental techno, and deep atmospheric soundscapes mixed with poly-rhythmic percussion.

Luca`s unique productions are always improvised and generated only by hardware. Arent Volten sets are recorded live, with no post-production or editing.