Herzkeinscherz: Middle grounds for interior listening

There is a middle ground in music styles that I’m always looking for. And I bet I’m not the only one. I’m talking about something slow, but not too slow, at the border with sad but not quite depressing.

Casual listening, suitable during work or while completing some tasks inside the apartment. The two of them kind of merge in the lockdown present. Anyway, that’s what you will find in this newly discovered gem. Casual but also meaningful downtempo music stirred together by one of Berlin’s children: Donny Dunkel. Hit play and start your interior journey.

There`s a fair possibility the music above is not gonna be enough. In a situation like this, it`s recommended to write and play a note to self №2: 38317, just like Lasse Lambretta.

Photo: GFYCAT/YouTube