Techno is music, and the DJ is officially considered a musician in Germany

Techno is finally considered music. I wonder what it was before… It’s not a joke but the decision of the Federal Finance Court of Germany, which officially declared Techno as music and defined the DJ as a musician.

To make things a bit more clear, this decision has of course financial implications. Meaning, the clubs will pay a lower tax than before for ticket sales: 7% instead of the previous 19%.

But then comes another interesting detail. The tax cut is determined by whether the “average visitor” is there for the music [Section 12 (2) No. 7 (a) UstG]. Makes me think a bit: are we going to a club for music or just for looking at the curious display of people dancing or doing some other intriguing stuff?

Turntables, mixing consoles, and CD players are now considered instruments. But only if they are “used to perform the piece of music and not just to play a sound carrier”. The judges decided for both instances: “The DJs not only play sound carriers from other sources but also perform their own new pieces of music by using instruments in the broader sense to create sequences of sounds with their own character.”

The high finance court in Germany concludes with the statement: Techno is music and the DJ is a musician. Or is it? Only time will tell.

Photo: Florin Tulbure