A supercomputer analyzed COVID-19 and came up with a new theory

A new genetic study on COVID-19 might shed light on how the coronavirus causes the disease. The researchers used a supercomputer called Summit, based in the US, at the Oak Ridge National Lab.

Summit is the world’s second-fastest supercomputer, and it analyzed 40,000 genes from 17,000 samples to better understand the virus, said AI specialist Thomas Smith in an article for Medium

During the summer, the machine analyzed 2.5 billion genetic combinations for two weeks, and it came out with an interesting hypothesis. The different symptoms and multiple sides of the virus could be explained by bradykinin – a natural chemical compound that adjusts blood pressure.

Thanks to these findings, specialists are beginning to understand why some patients have cardiovascular problems due to the virus, including strokes or inflammation of the skin and toes, reports Euronews. The results will also lead to new therapies in treating the COVID-19 symptoms.

Photo: Carlos Jones/ORNL – Wikipedia