Stereo_IMG quietly slips in the experimental Generation of Gods

There’s a river of good music out there, and quite difficult to navigate through it nowadays. Then there’s music that effortlessly goes beyond the good standard.

Stereo_IMG falls in this indistinguishable category of impeccable, perfectly polished (OCD level) electronic music. Generation of Gods EP takes the listener on a meticulously crafted ambient, and experimental techno odyssey.

All the tracks from Generation of Gods EP are great, but two of them managed to nudge my senses in a special way: Ethical & Moral Lines and Irreversible. Stereo_IMG is in a musical league of its own, so I will reluctantly say that his style seems to touch similar grounds as Amon Tobin, Boards of Canada, Apparat, and Kanding Ray.

Montreal Based electronic music artist Patrik Haggart (aka Stereo_IMG) has been developing a multi-faceted bandwidth of music since he was 6 years old. He studied cinematic sound design and music engineering. As a producer and live performer, Patrik Haggart is working constantly towards altering the perception of sound and pushing the boundaries of musical concepts.

Generation of Gods will drop this September 25th via North Of Nowhere records. Until then, here`s a taste of it:

Stereo_IMG Generation of Gods EP on Bandcamp