Julia Bondar`s Industrial Symphony project: Natural human and machine symbiosis

Industrial Symphony is the newest computational project by Julia Bondar, a natural symbiosis between human and machine. The music Bondar managed to produce, by engaging her modular synth system, is quite astonishing.

Industrial Symphony by Julia Bondar on Bandcamp

I just hit play on the first track (Strength in Softness) and found myself in a tumultuous world of familiar but unrecognizable trembling feelings. Bondar`s 7-track album is the result of her passion for analog machines melted with the darkness of the underground scene. Industrial Symphony album will be released via Endorphin.es Productions on September 16th, 2020.

Industrial Symphony by Julia Bondar on Spotify

Julia Bondar worked on this project in collaboration with her partner, Andreas Zhukovsky – Ukrainian born, Barcelona based producer. The result is a fresh exhibition of soundscape possibilities brought to life through by the infinite world of modular synthesizers. Basically, Bondar is extracting orchestral sounds from her modular synth system enabling an emotional relationship between man and machine.

Direct your symphony and feel the liberty of self-expression. Do not play on the safe side. My symphony is industrial. It is a tribute to today‘s cultu-ral spirit and love for synthetic sounds; a blend of techno rhythms and dark pop; a modern symphony that calls to a dance floor” – Julia Bondar.