Elon Musk presents Neuralink. The company will develop brain implants [video]

Seems like Elon Musk is not satisfied with his electric cars, launching space missions to populate Mars, or shooting satellites in Earth`s orbit. The entrepreneur wants now to get inside our brains.

Musk just launched Neuralink, a startup that wants to implant computer chips in the human brain. Not exactly now, but in the who knows how near future.

Neuralink will develop implants able to treat neural disorders. But that`s not all: the startup also wants to bring humanity on an even level with super-intelligent computers.

A weird presentation took place last Friday, with Musk showing a prototype-chip about the size of a large coin. Three pigs are featured in this video presentation, one of them with a Neuralink implant.

The device is designed to be implanted in a human skull, with ultra-thin wires connecting it directly to the brain, according to Japantoday.com.

Elon Musk is known as the founder of the electric car company Tesla and of SpaceX private space-exploration firm. But he is also known for his doom-day theories, with artificial intelligence taking over the control of humanity. His solution to the possible threat posed by AI? Link computers to our brains so we don`t get outsmarted.

Are you searching for a job? Musk is asking coders and engineers to join his quest: “You don’t need to have brain experience,” he said adding that experience can be gained at the job.