SpaceX rocket test: “Mars is looking closer” [video]

SpaceX successfully completed a rocket test on Wednesday, bringing the company one step closer to Mars tourism or even colonization. “Mars is looking closer”, twitted Elon Musk in response to one fan.

The flight called hop test was completed in less than a minute, with takeoff to 150 meters altitude and then a successful landing. “And when the smoke cleared, she stood there majestically, after the 150 meter flight!” tweeted Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA’s top scientist.

This Starship was built by SpaceX teams during just a few weeks in Texas, according to Everyone was happy about the result, considering that several previous prototypes exploded during the tests.

“We are going to the Moon, we are going to have a base on the Moon, we are going to send people to Mars and make life multi-planetary”, said Elon Musk on Sunday after the successful return of two NASA astronauts flying in a SpaceX shuttle.