“Unhackable” quantum Internet blueprint, unveiled by the US

A “virtually unhackable quantum internet” was presented last week by the US Department of Energy (DoE). It is supposed to run in parallel with the actual World Wide Web, as an alternative network for transmitting financial data and confidential government information. The quantum internet will open “a world of new possibilities and opportunities” for its users, said the US DoE, cited by Computing.co.uk.

According to the strategy presented last week, the DoE’s National Labs will complete the quantum internet system in the next 10 years. It will be developed in collaboration with partners from the private sector.

For the project to come true, technologies will have to exploit features of quantum physics, as quantum entanglement.

The quantum entanglement is a phenomenon which facilitates particles (example: photons) with different quantum states to have a close contact. The state of one of the linked particles can only be known by measuring the other. Anything that happens to one photon instantly happens to the other.

This means that a hacker attempting to steal data transmitted between the two, will interrupt the entanglement, and will not be able to obtain the information.

Photo: Smart2zero.com